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Employee, Contractor or Subcontractor | Project Management Specialist

Located in Canada's National Capital Region, Ottawa-Gatineau

Well Trained & Accredited in Project Management

I have an affinity for business projects—delivering new capabilities such as business processes, new assets, systems, functions, services or sets of working practices.


Resolving Conflict: A Project Management Practitioner's Job #1

Posted 3/28/2017

Whenever people are working together closely, conflict will occur. Differences in perspective, skill, knowledge levels, goals, communication styles, and expectations all can create conflict.

View conflict as an opportunity to solve team problems and keep everyone focused on team goals. Use your leadership skills to make sure the discussion focuses on issues and the search for solutions that will be acceptable to everyone. When everyone wins, the team will be able to focus on its work and achieve its goals. A project management practitioner must resolve conflict. Adapted from, “Resolving Conflict, The Leadership Series, TMI, Where Leaders are Made” <<Article>>