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Employee, Contractor or Subcontractor | Project Management Specialist

Located in Canada's National Capital Region, Ottawa-Gatineau

Well Trained & Accredited in Project Management

I have an affinity for business projects—delivering new capabilities such as business processes, new assets, systems, functions, services or sets of working practices.


Project Stakeholder Management | Collaboration | Getting Teams With Different Subcultures To Collaborate

Posted 3/28/2017

The best definition of the word culture (workplaces included) that I’ve heard is that it’s how people behave when nobody is watching.

The introduction of Chapter 13, Project Stakeholder Management, as a new knowledge area was perhaps the most significant change between the 4th and 5th editions of the Project Management Institute's PMBOK Guide. While stakeholder management was very present in the PMBOK Guide 4th edition (primarily in the Communications Management knowledge area), the significance of this addition is that it raises the importance of engaging stakeholders to the same level as all of the other PM knowledge areas.  <<Article>>